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How can I file a FAFSA?

You have several options available to you when working on your FAFSA. These options include using a third party service to prepare and file your FAFSA application, to ensure that it is prepared correctly and submitted securely.

You could also file via the paper copy method. The paper copy method requires printing, studying, self-preparing, and then mailing the paper form for the appropriate academic year. The paper form is usually around 10 pages long, including instructions.

You could self-prepare and file directly with the government using a two-part online process, whereby you first apply for an FSA ID from fsaid.ed.gov, then once you have received the FSA ID you can self-prepare and file your FAFSA online at the US Department of Education website.

Finally, you could make an appointment to visit a financial aid administrator in-person at the college you wish to attend, to ask them to help you prepare and file your FAFSA.

Given the various options, we're confident that you will find our service fast, easy to understand, accurate, and secure. Best of all, it's here right now, at your fingertips. Begin your FAFSA application now.

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