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What is a FAFSA Preparer?

A FAFSA Preparer is a person or service that charges a fee for assistance in the preparation and filing of a FAFSA application. Professional fee-based FAFSA assistance is authorized in the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008.

The best way to understand the service is to compare it to a paid tax preparer. You can prepare and file an income tax return on your own and unassisted for no fee. However, millions of Americans choose to use the services of a paid tax preparer or fee-based tax preparation software to assist them in the process. Similarly, you can prepare and file a FAFSA, which is often well over 100 questions long, on your own and unassisted for no charge. Or you can use the services of a fee-based preparation and filing service such as Student Aid Application Services LLC to simplify and assist in the process.

We work hard to earn your business through our unique, intuitive online tools and personal one-on-one support. You can even call us for question-by-question support. We're happy to help you prepare and file your FAFSA application today.

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